The Bedroom

The Bedroom

Is where

All you see

Were conceived


The Vision was received

Where all

The major decisions were discussed


Daddy get to know Mummy

And God’s implanted the

Seed of multiplication in us


So always keep

The Bedroom

Free from external contents

No pictures or writings of others

In our Bedroom

Except they are thanking us

For being God’s hand of kindness to them.

Our Bedroom

Should always be

Around and about

Us, our impossible dreams and the Holy Spirit

Anything else can be anywhere 

But the Bedroom

An epitome of The CHRISLOVE™’s Bedroom

Published by MR CHRISLOVE™

SAVED by #JESUS! B.A (Honours), Economics & Statistics. Entrepreneur. Children Mentor❤️ Brand Ambassador. Duke of Edinburgh's Int'l Bronze Award 2018. UManitoba Emerging Leaders Award 2015💎 Born To Illuminate: one person at a time. LOVE. FAITH. HOPE

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