Why They Doubt Us

We always tell them the truth

But they never believed

Because they are lying for a living

Building empires in/with falsehood

And it’s impossible for someone to say the truth

In their lying world

So they believe everyone is like them

A conglomerate of liars.


‪I admire you ‬

‪Like you make me want to ‬

‪Pop the question

‪But a corn that ‬

‪Pops out of the oven too early ‬

‪Is of no use to anyone,‬

‪And that’s deep wisdom.‬

To My Quarantined Love

“Sweet friendships refresh the soul and awaken our hearts with joy, for good friends are like the anointing oil that yields the fragrant incense of …

To My Quarantined Love

The Moment. This Moment

The moment you’ve been waiting for all year

Theme of celebration

Hopeful anticipation

They say “the expectations of the Righteous shall not be cut off”

So I’m putting in my best

Celebrating with the rest

Feeling like am blest

And for the records, I passed the test.


Days turn into weeks

Weeks being pregnant delivered months

First time it was an error

But second time hit like a stabbed wound

I am not sure whether to feel disappointed

Or to be grateful after-all, all things work together

In any case, I know God is good

Whether or not the good I expected come through.


The pain I feel

This wound hurt

Too deep to share

Don’t ask me what it is

Cause you may be opening up

The wound that should be healing

I guess you just let the sleeping dog rest.


Either there are questions I shouldn’t be able to ask

Or there are questions I am afraid to ask

In any case, there are questions yet to be answered

But I know that the King has all answers

And he hides nothing precious from his beloved friends

So I will trust the King

And I will keep moving

The battle continues!

Wake Up

We are trying to imitate

These models playing some roles

Taking them for role models

And modelling our lives after scripted actions

Instead of looking into the Scriptures

Where our lives were perfectly scripted

By the creator

Now we are living like the acting world

Instead of acting on the living Word

Going to TV models are our directory

And ignoring the Holy Spirit, our director

Let’s awake from our slumbering

The Lord is at hand.



Not because I think you are beautiful;

Not because you tried to look beautiful;

Not because I thought you are beautiful;

Not because you said or did something beautiful;

Not because your family & family background is beautiful;

Not because you are dressed (adorned) in beautiful apparel;

But because you are a replica of God and I know for certainty 

From the Bible and personal experiences that God is beautiful 

And God specializes in making only beautiful creatures.




I am not a colour

I am not a colour

I am not a skin pigmentation

I am not your enemy

I am love

I am light

I am beautiful

I am peace

I am hope

I am priceless

I am wisdom

I am a threat to evil

I am a threat to fools

I am the Apple of God’s Eyes

I am the Image of God

I am the Likeness of God

I am who I Am said I am

I am the King of the Eagles

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