Define Your Altitude

#Walk on the air if the ground is too dusty for you.

#Activate the eagle 🦅 in you:

To #ride on your obstacles and soar your own defined altitude.

#ForgetNot those who fought for you

Let their acts of #heroism inspire you to serve others.

#Love unfeignedly as if you know that your life depends on it.

Conquer your fears with your microscopic #Faith

Look for silverlining to rejuvenate your #Hope

#Celebrate with those whose suns are rising.

#Empathize with those whose suns set at midday.

#Respect and #cherish those who share the world with you.

Be #grateful for the nights for they provide opportunities for your moon to shine.

#Strengthen the weak but run your own race.

#Learn from others while staying in your lane.

Be #inspired by other’s achievements but focus on your timeline.

#Chart your own course and rejoice in your trials.

#Honour the process and treasure your freedom to dream.

#Pray more for seeds to sow and less for fruits to eat.

Be #Confident, #Committed and #Consistent in what you are doing.

#Trust God to bless your dream.

Remain #humble for humility attracts #Grace

Always remember that:




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