When they said 
You raised the bar,
I thought it was all candy.
Now we are striving to cross the bar
Like it's fenced with barb wire
I used to be a rebel
Locked behind Satan's bar
Till I learned about
Your journey to hades
And the come back with all the keys
Now my chains are broken and forever free
Not a temporary freedom on bail
But you paid for my past, present and eternal freedom
I'm not trying to live like you
Cause that's just unrealistic expectation
I just strive to be the me
You cut the veil to give unlimited VIP access
Now I live everyday with gratitude
Not because everything is going rosy
On this side of the Kingdom
But because no matter what happens
I'm always loved and cherished
As a Son and Joint-heir to the Throne
And also cause my advocate & counsellor
Has been walking in me much closely lately
So I'm grateful!


Hello Tomorrow 
I know you will great
Because the Word says so
And I look forward to seeing you.
And though Today seems rough
And my vision looking foggy
And tarrying longer than anticipated
Like the Deluxe version of Winnipeg winter
That I still get to love and enjoy
Yet will I joyfully endure the cross
Despising the shame
Even the shame of daily trying to explain
"God's time is the best"
Even to those who taught me that.

I am not doing that by my strength though
Because "by strength shall no man prevail"
Neither is a mighty man delivered by much strength
I am looking up to Jesus,
The perfect example of rejoicing in trials
Because of His Tomorrow - seating at the right hand of the Father
And I trust him as a joint-heir with him.
Therefore, though I want you, Tomorrow 
To be tomorrow based on our Central Times
Even if you tarry, I will graciously wait
Because I know that like a vision from God
You, Tomorrow is an appointed time
And you will surely come and not tarry.
While I'm waiting to see you 
I am not just seating idle waiting for you
Rather, I am preparing for you
I am partnering with the Holy Spirit,
My Senior Advocate and Helper
To solidify the foundations
On which you will be built
Making sure that it's rock-solid
And able to withstand the rains,
The floods, the storms and the tempest of life
So that when you come, Tomorrow,
You will be proud of what Grace
Has empowered and strengthened us
To build Today.
It's around 8:51PM central times Today 
And it's getting late here
Night is coming when no man can work
So let me go tidy up and refresh
Before Today runs out
See you Tomorrow!

The War Within

Daily I’m at war with myself

A war that chose me

Not because of my doings

But just because I’m human

A spiritual war over my soul and mind

Some days I win

Other days I learn

But one thing is sure

Even in the mist of it all

The Peace of Christ Jesus

Which surpasses all understanding

Keeps my heart and soul together.🤍🕊

Give Me A Drink

If I run
Can I run from myself?
If I escape
Can I escape from the memories?
If I am lost
Can I get lost in you?
If I loose it all
Can I be found in you?

The farther I run
To escape from past memories
The closer I get
To the lost me
Why am I being hurt
By the dead me
If I was already dead?
Maybe my idea of being reborn
Is informed by the dead

In any case, I need a new life
A renewed hope
I dont mean a new episode
Of the past shows
I need the whole new Script
One with all the acts written on the heart
How can I drink the new wine?
Should I even drink the wine?
Not the wine for stomach sake
But the drink that I thirst no more
Please give me a drink


A special poetry collaboration between MrChrislove™ & Desoba
It's in the warm cocoon of my shell
Nestled to the river by my Abba
It's in the secure protection of His presence
Wading off harm as i hatch into His image
It's in His steps that I find mine
It's in Him that I know who I am
My true identity In Christ Jesus
Understanding the inheritance of the Saints

Thousands of souls perishing daily 
Because we are too scared to be
The goose of the morning
On the street of this wicked generation we are living
Though we've been called
To shine in the midst of the darkness
And as salt that prepare and preserve the earth
For my king’s coming
From my waddling feets to my gurgling quacks
My steps gain strength and my voice depth
And with vigorous awakening,
I arise to the dawn of the morning.
Ready to run the race set before me,
Ready for the migration ahead.

I am anything but afraid 
For my identity makes me walk in the enemy’s territory
they have been crippled like scarecrows with handless hands
I glean on the greenest of planes
For a table has already been set before me
I thread like royalty on dangerous roads
For my Abba’s angels have charge over me.
Like a Queen, slowly I walk
Radiating my splendor and glory of identity

I am far from pride or stupidity 
I am a symbol of courage and grace
I am the goose of the morning.

A Place Of Rest

A Psalm of Chrislove 
The Son of Grace
When heart fainted after him

I need for myself a place of rest 

A place where my heart is stayed

In my moment of trials and disappointments

In my moment of loss and hopelessness

I need for myself a place of rest

A place where I can call home

A place where my weaknesses

Will be exchanged for strengths

A place where my weary soul

Shall find peace and rest.
My heart is stayed on you, Lord!

In you rest my helpless heart

Preserve my soul from hell

Fill my heart with your wisdom

Endow me with special gifts

Strengthen my faith

Enlarge my heart in love

Revive my prayer life

Cleanse my life from every form of pride

Let me prosper and flourish in your ways.
Help me function in your abilities 

Let my life honour and glorify you always

Fill my mouth with your testimonies

My lips with songs of thanksgiving

My soul with praise and worship

And my feet with dancing

And my household with hymns of rejoicing

Let the gentiles behold your splendor

Upon me and come to magnify your name

Let others publicize your goodness in my life.

The Prayer of Chrislove™

 This is 
The Prayer of Chrislove™
12:42 AM CST
July 10, 2021
May the abundant grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, his peace which transcends all understanding, and his unfeignedly extravagant love preserve us in his righteousness through all the storms, joys and beauties of life in Jesus name. Amen!


Will your anchor holds

When the tempest rage?

When storms of life are thundering on

Will you still be standing

When all said and done?

Are you properly anchored

On the Rock of Ages

Or your anchor rot with ages?

– – – –

Are you anchored on the rock of Ages or your anchor rot with ages?

Who is in your boat?

Is the Prince of Peace

Your master in your journey of life?

Or you are serving mammon

The god of your belly?

Do you trust in your horses and chariot

And the arms of flesh?

Or you look up to the Heavens

And depend on “I Am” – the Good Shepherd?

– – – –

Life is constantly changing

But is your faith fixed on his steadfast love?

There is a time to be filled

And a time to be thirsty

But those who drink from his cup

Shall never thirst again

For he will be in them a fountain of water

Springing up into endless life.

– – – –

Is your treasures stored on the earth

Where moth and rust destroy

And policies and tweets depreciate it?

Join our team, lay your treasures on above

Where no moth, rust, Tweet or government

Can destroy or devalue

For where your treasures are, there be your heart

And your heart will fail you not by the news.

– – – –

Are you tired and weary with the burden of life?

Come to Jesus – the Burden Bearer

Confess your sins and ask him for forgiveness

Declare with your mouth: Jesus is Lord

Believe in your heart that God raised him from death

And he will save and give you rest

Write your name in the Lamb’s Book of Life

And Anchor you through the storms of life.