Born in Fall, Raised by Love ❣️

When it comes to happiness, Grandma said I’m Source

When you talk of freshness, Wifey said I’m Sauce

Frienemies being so close, try to lay a Curse

People try to stop my shine without any Cause

I live and celebrate with them, Love is the Cost

Paul said Jesus forgave us all, all on the Cross

Love is all I owe all men, the price for my Crown

So October 12th is my #birthday

Apostle said it’s the World Love Day

Raised by Love, I was born in Fall

Now living in snow, I was groomed without Winter

One generation is gone yet I’m just in my Spring

Mummy wants harvest long wait for the Summer

I felt so much love, people got me in my feelings

To show that I’m grateful, I’m responding to all wishes

Love comes with so much responsibilities and actions

“Love is Worthless Without Sacrifice”™



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