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INSPIRATION: MY next goal after putting the sonnet in my closet is to write a #Limerick, challenging myself to to explore the different poetic forms. The biggest challenge is that limerick is a 5-line poem with a rhyme scheme AABBA which has an introduction to a person or character, their battles and a concluding line that shows some sort of triumph or current situation.

This then presents an excellent opportunity to summarize my one-generation on the planet and as a precious clay in the hand of no mean potter in 5 lines.


I know a young man called MR.CHRISLOVE

Born and raised Christian yet without Love

Spent adolescence as an alcoholic

Bullied into low self-esteem, rejection and vitriolic

Grown up to be a teetotaler, community leader, inspired writer, and an ambassador of Love.

Buy More Junks?

At the grocery store today
I made up my mind to live healthy
But the first item in my cart is a junk.
Like new year resolutions
So died away my brave decision.
It felt like I was in the middle of January
Living in last year I thought I have crossed over
But I ain’t disappointed just a little remorseful.
I got the power to live healthy
But the store is more willing to sponsor my old life.
Junks are almost twice cheaper,
Dressed so fashionable and attractive

Well, D.O.G said the “old man” is always very attractive
And I see the goodnews sounding so unpleasant
Should I give excuses and return to my past?
Now I’m in front of the cashier
Pay for my pride and go with the junk
Or swallow my pride and tell her to take it off?
Now the game has many players
Many are they increased that trouble to keep me stagnant
Or if freedom is given, to regress

I now have many regressively reasonable grounds to give up.
Like Bro Adam in the Garden of Eden
So stood I at the counter starring at the junk food.
But I remember the words of MR.CHRISLOVE

“When there is no reason reasonable enough to excuse your inadequacies, success becomes your inevitable

And I remember that excuses didn’t exempt Bro Adam from the punishment.
So I munch up much courage to tell the cashier
Sadly I had to explain that again to her.
It didn’t feel good to her
Looking like a poor guy who couldn’t pay for all he wanted.
But I’m proud that I beat both my pride
And the good looking & attractive junk
And took the road I less trodden.
As I am concluding this write-up, I am eating noodles combined with mixed veggies.
I know it sounds so minute but I’m glad that unlike Adam, I overcome my temptation 😂🙏👏 👏 👏

If I can overcome my craving for junk, I am very confident that YOU CAN OVERCOME ANY TEMPTATION, PRIDE AND ANYTHING THAT WANT TO HOLD YOU BACK!


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Over the years,

I tried expressing myself in my heart.

But my heart is only known by me.

I spoke with my mentor,

Mentor said I have to express it in language.

But I’m sure you will not understand my language.

I thought of showing you signs, But you’re not a Jew.

Constrained by my vocabulary prowess, I tried using English words.

But words cannot truly express my heart.
And words are only meaningful to those to whom understanding is given.

Even when I gather words to say it,

My meaningful words are meaningless to you because your heart is not connected with mine.

Wait! You understand my heart and you are making me go through this agony?

My dear love, but you know that

If I have eternity on earth, I will spend a million years playing scrabble or crossword.

But even the King get only a thousand years.

Hope you see eternity is calling
And we have to yield the Fruits.

I cannot say that I have fallen in love with you

Because loving you is not a temptation that I succumbed to.

If it was so, I probably would have risen again even the seventh time.

Loving you is an integral part of my life.
That’s why I only see myself growing in love for you.
Maybe the metamorphosis is yet to be completed.

There seems to be a million miles between my heart and your heart

But I hope that Love will bridge the gap before perfection.

WatchOut for the ANNOTATIONS as this writeup is specially filled with allusion, imagery and other figurative languages.


The past seven days have definitely been the busiest and most diverse days of my life. Yet they were very fulfilling because of the same things that made it busy. I both really enjoyed myself, had some great fellowship and learnt a lot of life-changing and insightful lessons. So for this write-up, I will be showing some of the places I went to, activities involved and lessons I learnt both in words and pictures. By the way, at least 90% of these pictures and “personal” information featured are only available here! Each lesson is unique. Stay tuned!

Saturday, 25th March 2017 – St John’s College Class of 2016/2017 Grad Dinner on Lombard Avenue, Winnipeg. for those of you who don’t know what SJC is. SJC is one of the founding colleges of the University of Manitoba along with St Boniface College and Manitoba College. SJC is founded on Anglican Tradition, and is older than Canada (you can read more here ). SJC is a community of compassionate, unfeignedly loving and supportive people. They celebrate every significant achievement by every member of the College. I remember when I and few others received the University of Manitoba, Emerging Leaders Award 2015, SJC organised a Dinner to celebrate with us. They also offer thousands of dollars every year to students in scholarships, bursaries, grants and awards, to help students offset some of their financial burdens and focus on their Academics and Community involvements.

The Main Meal
The Grad Class of 2016/2017 with Dr Trott
The Grad Class of 2016/2017 with Dr Trott
Table 1
ChrisloveCGO & Stuard Maddocks
ChrisloveCGO & Mrs. Jill Stafford
The Gift

Lesson: To attract people of excellent minds and encourage openness, you have to learn to love, value and appreciate everybody in your life.

Sunday, 26th March 2017 – RCCG, More Than Conqueror Parish Sunday Service

My local Church for over 4years now.

Lessons: Make THANKSGIVING your lifestyle. Before you ask God anything, give thanks, when asking, give thanks, after asking, give thanks. God is the Giver of all good things in life.


Tuesday, 28th March 2017 – RCCG Int’l Christian Centre Canaanland – Prayers

Lessons: Prayer is a necessary tool in ensuring a flowing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, 29th March 2017 – DeeperLife Campus Fellowship (University of Manitoba)

Lessons: Traditions can hinder the manifestation of God’s love, power and glory.

Thursday, 30th March 2017 – Immanuel Fellowship Young Adults’ Bible Studies