Looking at you from the inside 
You are like a well nourished and cultivated Camellia
Packaged in a red diamond gift box
Filled with precious metals, ointments and virtues
Prepared as a birthmonth present to a royalty.
And because of the rarity and exquisiteness
Preciousness and pricelessness of your being
The apex of the maximum security is in place
Every motion and activity within certain circumference
Of your territory is closely monitored and investigated.
Encroaching your landmark 
Is like attempting to enter the biblical City of Jericho
The hefty and heavily guarded wall makes it impenetrable
And like the Wall of Jericho,
A special detailed plan of action from God has to be followed religiously.
I used to think that the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31
Was an abstract description of what can only be found in heaven
Until God made a King of me
And opened my inner eyes
To behold the virtuousness and glory of his in you.
I know a lot of kids are going to read this
So let me be clear on something
I am not saying that you do not have flaws
You definitely do and that is part of the package
But your being and grace overshadow all flaws when viewed from God's lens.
As I temporarily draw the curtain on this 
It is needful for me to reiterate that
I know I'm only a Bachelor with Honours
But with you in view
I'm a double Doctor of Love and Patience.

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