I know you think I have a girl, her name is PM

We just waiting for the right time for our engagement.

If you think politics, she’s the Prime Minister

And if you read backwards, she’s a Member of Parliament.

Anyways, we trusting God for His guidance.

There is just no time to play any politics.

We are waiting patiently for what you call the wedding day.

After which we will move to our own land.

To live happily ever after even if there are challenges

And a year after our wedding you come to dedicate our babies.

Hey! Don’t think too light for we know the Light.

I guess from our wait you know we are lights.

I am writing in the evening, so the light seems deem.

But lights shine even brighter in the dark times.

When we talk marriage with friends, they say we are long due.

But God loves us and so He’ll tell when the time is due.

I appreciate the friends for their life views.

Because these are made from their world views.

In the end, I know we are accountable to God for our own views.

I guess I don’t need your permission to express my own views.

For your information, #WordPress said I have been writing for four years.

You know that five, a close friend of four, represents Grace.

God inspire me, I cannot boast

For I gat to tell Son that I paid my own dues.

Happy Anniversary to MR.CHRISLOVE and hope to see you married soon 😂

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