Personal Declaration

Whenever you are blessed To wake up in the morning, You get to tell yourself: I am A child of God A child of Faith A child of Grace A child of Destiny A child with a Vision A child with a Mission A child of Excellence A child redeemed by Love A child purchasedContinue reading “Personal Declaration”

Money Relationship

Have money, as much as possible under GOD, and use it (wealth) as a tool to serve GOD, better the lives of people & communities, and further the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

People and Flowers

Mummy gave me her prayers, followup calls and is my Special Secret Service Agent So I sent her a tulip 🌷 Dad inspired me to pursue my vision and never give up irrespective of opposition and challenges. So I sent him a Rose of Sharon 🌹 My grandma is my role model when it comesContinue reading “People and Flowers”