Buy More Junks?

At the grocery store today
I made up my mind to live healthy
But the first item in my cart is a junk.
Like new year resolutions
So died away my brave decision.
It felt like I was in the middle of January
Living in last year I thought I have crossed over
But I ain’t disappointed just a little remorseful.
I got the power to live healthy
But the store is more willing to sponsor my old life.
Junks are almost twice cheaper,
Dressed so fashionable and attractive

Well, D.O.G said the “old man” is always very attractive
And I see the goodnews sounding so unpleasant
Should I give excuses and return to my past?
Now I’m in front of the cashier
Pay for my pride and go with the junk
Or swallow my pride and tell her to take it off?
Now the game has many players
Many are they increased that trouble to keep me stagnant
Or if freedom is given, to regress

I now have many regressively reasonable grounds to give up.
Like Bro Adam in the Garden of Eden
So stood I at the counter starring at the junk food.
But I remember the words of MR.CHRISLOVE

“When there is no reason reasonable enough to excuse your inadequacies, success becomes your inevitable

And I remember that excuses didn’t exempt Bro Adam from the punishment.
So I munch up much courage to tell the cashier
Sadly I had to explain that again to her.
It didn’t feel good to her
Looking like a poor guy who couldn’t pay for all he wanted.
But I’m proud that I beat both my pride
And the good looking & attractive junk
And took the road I less trodden.
As I am concluding this write-up, I am eating noodles combined with mixed veggies.
I know it sounds so minute but I’m glad that unlike Adam, I overcome my temptation 😂🙏👏 👏 👏

If I can overcome my craving for junk, I am very confident that YOU CAN OVERCOME ANY TEMPTATION, PRIDE AND ANYTHING THAT WANT TO HOLD YOU BACK!


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