When they said 
You raised the bar,
I thought it was all candy.
Now we are striving to cross the bar
Like it's fenced with barb wire
I used to be a rebel
Locked behind Satan's bar
Till I learned about
Your journey to hades
And the come back with all the keys
Now my chains are broken and forever free
Not a temporary freedom on bail
But you paid for my past, present and eternal freedom
I'm not trying to live like you
Cause that's just unrealistic expectation
I just strive to be the me
You cut the veil to give unlimited VIP access
Now I live everyday with gratitude
Not because everything is going rosy
On this side of the Kingdom
But because no matter what happens
I'm always loved and cherished
As a Son and Joint-heir to the Throne
And also cause my advocate & counsellor
Has been walking in me much closely lately
So I'm grateful!


Hello Tomorrow 
I know you will great
Because the Word says so
And I look forward to seeing you.
And though Today seems rough
And my vision looking foggy
And tarrying longer than anticipated
Like the Deluxe version of Winnipeg winter
That I still get to love and enjoy
Yet will I joyfully endure the cross
Despising the shame
Even the shame of daily trying to explain
"God's time is the best"
Even to those who taught me that.

I am not doing that by my strength though
Because "by strength shall no man prevail"
Neither is a mighty man delivered by much strength
I am looking up to Jesus,
The perfect example of rejoicing in trials
Because of His Tomorrow - seating at the right hand of the Father
And I trust him as a joint-heir with him.
Therefore, though I want you, Tomorrow 
To be tomorrow based on our Central Times
Even if you tarry, I will graciously wait
Because I know that like a vision from God
You, Tomorrow is an appointed time
And you will surely come and not tarry.
While I'm waiting to see you 
I am not just seating idle waiting for you
Rather, I am preparing for you
I am partnering with the Holy Spirit,
My Senior Advocate and Helper
To solidify the foundations
On which you will be built
Making sure that it's rock-solid
And able to withstand the rains,
The floods, the storms and the tempest of life
So that when you come, Tomorrow,
You will be proud of what Grace
Has empowered and strengthened us
To build Today.
It's around 8:51PM central times Today 
And it's getting late here
Night is coming when no man can work
So let me go tidy up and refresh
Before Today runs out
See you Tomorrow!


Looking at you from the inside 
You are like a well nourished and cultivated Camellia
Packaged in a red diamond gift box
Filled with precious metals, ointments and virtues
Prepared as a birthmonth present to a royalty.
And because of the rarity and exquisiteness
Preciousness and pricelessness of your being
The apex of the maximum security is in place
Every motion and activity within certain circumference
Of your territory is closely monitored and investigated.
Encroaching your landmark 
Is like attempting to enter the biblical City of Jericho
The hefty and heavily guarded wall makes it impenetrable
And like the Wall of Jericho,
A special detailed plan of action from God has to be followed religiously.
I used to think that the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31
Was an abstract description of what can only be found in heaven
Until God made a King of me
And opened my inner eyes
To behold the virtuousness and glory of his in you.
I know a lot of kids are going to read this
So let me be clear on something
I am not saying that you do not have flaws
You definitely do and that is part of the package
But your being and grace overshadow all flaws when viewed from God's lens.
As I temporarily draw the curtain on this 
It is needful for me to reiterate that
I know I'm only a Bachelor with Honours
But with you in view
I'm a double Doctor of Love and Patience.

Life is a Time Game

Every move in life is like a game.

And so you need to ask and consider a few questions:

what are the rules of the game?

what are the risk of the game?

What are the possible rewards?

What happens if it’s wrong move?

What are the consequences of making the wrong move?

Is there any opportunity for second chance?

Is there any cheat codes?

Can you possibly cheat and get away with?

What’s the consequences if caught?

Is there an opportunity to quit along the way?

How do you know when you have won or lost the game?

Does it really matter if you win or lose the game?

But again, remember that you don’t always have the luxury of time to consider all these things.

So what exactly will you do when you are confronted with an opportunity to make a move?

Actually, I think the bigger question is why on earth did I risk what I just did just to tell you Happy New Year?

I want you to think. Maybe I want you to plan. Or maybe plan to think or maybe I want you to think of a plan.

Anyways, it’s a new year!

Whether you think, plan, move or stay put

Remember that

life is a time game and you are born a player.

The War Within

Daily I’m at war with myself

A war that chose me

Not because of my doings

But just because I’m human

A spiritual war over my soul and mind

Some days I win

Other days I learn

But one thing is sure

Even in the mist of it all

The Peace of Christ Jesus

Which surpasses all understanding

Keeps my heart and soul together.🤍🕊

Dear Father

I know this is coming a little late 
But if you think of the joy of being a father
Imagine the feeling of being loved unconditionally
By someone who knows your every imperfections
Your craziness, your insecurities and inabilities
And still choose to love you
Someone who has every reason to abandon,
To destroy or at least to reject you
But instead treasure you above all
Imagine the sense of wholeness and certainty 
Growing up and living daily
In both the seasons of harvest and uncertainties
Having the full assurance that your father
Is with you and will always be there for you
To protect
To provide for
To teach and guide
And to listen to you
Now, having experienced or at least imagined
The unfeigned love of God - the Good Shepherd
How he is concerned with every details of your life
And he is not waiting for you to win a prize
To be proud of you
How he has forgiven you
Even when you were deep in sin and iniquities
And sent his only begotten son - Jesus Christ
As a sacrifice to cleanse you from all unrighteousness
And to draw you back to the place of honour and glory
Giving you full authority and inheritance
Among the saints
Now go and pour the same kind of love 
You have experienced, read or imagined from God
Upon your little child
Be there for him or her always
Cherish and train him/her in the way he/she should go
Be there to guide, protect, provide for and listen to
Your biggest little treasure(s)
And remember that
Fatherhood is a special kind of gift and privilege from God
So let it draw you closer to Jesus
Make you cherish the wife of your youth
And encourage you to take pride in building your home.
Big Congratulations!
And welcome to Fatherhood!
Yours Beloved,

12:52 AM
02 11 2021

Only Certain Humans

"Facing the detours of a perfectly nurtured life; our lives shall never be the same again" 
Facing the detours of a perfectly nurtured life 
Our lives shall never be the same again
For one - it's an issue of where
For one - it's an issue of being
For one -it's an issue of checking up on a friend
For some - it's wrong timing
"The system attached imperfection, crime and hatred to a people perfectly crafted in the image of a perfect God"
But for all - it's an issue of being and who
The system attached imperfection, crime and hatred
To a people perfectly crafted in the image of a perfect God
Give it a name
A systemic display of ignorance and foolishness
"Being human used to bring joy to other humans but here only certain humans are really humans"
For many, their youths were taken away 
Many trees never live to see their fruits
Many fruits never get to see the trees they came from
Being human used to bring joy to other humans
But here only certain humans are really humans
What a tragedy!