MY DAILY LIFE (unedited)

I rarely get invited to events because the super-saved think I’m not “saved-enough” while the youngstars think I’m “too-saved’. 

I’m closely surrounded (like very close to my surroundings, often closer than my next-door neighbour) by two worlds of social exclusion. Its all good though cause it helps me find my niche& HOPE in God’s Love #ATWT

My best friends in life outside of my immediate family are CHILDREN cause we connect very easily and they always welcome and love me graciously as I AM.

Sometimes friends seem far like strangers & strangers seem close like friends but strangers are too strange to be close friends. 

My immediate family are hundreds of miles away from me and I only occasionally have access to my best friends (CHILDREN). So most times I’m like Adam…

In the Garden surrounded by, have names (on my contact list and social media friendship list but they only exist on my mobile device) of and taking care of many beauties (both the roses 🌹and the lions 🦁)  but can’t actually relate with the beauties cause I don’t fit-in (either I’m too lightweight pfor who gym daily or I’m too heavyweight for those who are still enjoying calories) their expectations. My application to join their fitness centre to finesse my social skills have all been disqualified, rejected and disapproved. 

Though I have fellowship with the closest of all friends (Holy Spirit), like Adam, I’m still not satisfied. I feel alone not lonely though cause I’ve got some WORK to do. 

The exclusion is exclusively ephemeral, very soon, we will be RELEVANT to you that it will be  detrimental to your life to think of ignoring us. But by then, we will be highly inaccessible to you. 

Enjoy yourself while it lasts! I hope you are only doing this to me though! 

Thanks for reading 

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