I Will Wait (The Original)

Microwave, drive-thru, social media, all seem fast.
Yet Mama said ‘the best is in God’s time’

Personal Declaration

Whenever you are blessed To wake up in the morning, You get to tell yourself: I am A child of God A child of Faith A child of Grace A child of Destiny A child with a Vision A child with a Mission A child of Excellence A child redeemed by Love A child purchasedContinue reading “Personal Declaration”

What I See

‪What I see‬ ‪I see them no more ‬ ‪Not that it’s evil‬ ‪It was a dream‬ ‪But I can’t keep sleeping‬ ‪I’m now awake chasing them‬ ‪Oh wait! ‬ ‪I will see them later ‬ ‪In a different form‬ ‪That everyone can see ‬ ‪Even the blind can feel‬ ‪Thanks be to Jesus!‬ ‪I’mContinue reading “What I See”

Today You Live

Live Today as a Gift – be grateful for every breathe you take, every success you achieve, and every opportunity you have to be a better person (either through losses, challenges, failures or disappointments – Live Today As a Seed – invest in your future and avoid instant gratification & wastage of resources. Create somethingContinue reading “Today You Live”