Iอœอก cอœอกaอœอกnอœอก gอœอกiอœอกvอœอกeอœอก yอœอกoอœอกuอœอก cอœอกrอœอกeอœอกdอœอกiอœอกtอœอกsอœอก fอœอกoอœอกrอœอก mอœอกyอœอก sอœอกuอœอกcอœอกcอœอกeอœอกsอœอกsอœอก

Bอœอกuอœอกtอœอก Iอœอก oอœอกwอœอกnอœอกeอœอกdอœอก aอœอกlอœอกlอœอก tอœอกhอœอกeอœอก mอœอกaอœอกsอœอกtอœอกeอœอกrอœอกsอœอก tอœอกoอœอก mอœอกyอœอก fอœอกaอœอกiอœอกlอœอกuอœอกrอœอกeอœอกsอœอก

I can give you credits for my success

But I owned all the masters to my failures.

I used to be a seed of Adam

But now I sow seeds on the soils of Adam

I guess you know the second Adam

And that’s no coincidence

Someone feels like I’m trying to rhyme

I’m sorry beloved!

My flow got no rhythms

Because you’re off beat.

When I was younger

I wanted to be a soldier

Now a soldier with different weapon but same vision

With different enemy but the same target

Oh yes, a different commander

And new codes of conduct.

I know “this whole love thing”

Is giving some folks headache

And I may still need to quote a verse

To show you that ain’t tripping

Anyways visit @CHRISLOVEBQ on IG

For your daily snack

When you on your feet, eat the real Word

And when you are stronger

You can come read the poems

That’s all I got to say

Have a great night!

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