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For those of you young ladies who want to get married to the “handsome gentleman”: if you have a son who wants to get married to a young woman (YOU), would you have allowed your precious son to get married to the current you? 

For those of you young men who want to get married to the “beautiful, sportish girl”: if you have a daughter who wants to get married to a young man (YOU), would you have allowed your beloved daughter to get married to the current you? 

Would you be happy to be the mother/father in-law of your current self? If no, PLEASE GO TO WORK


I wish you all a fruitful merry Christmas 🤶!

Focus on God and your future. 

Cherish the family and friends that God has given you. 

Show love to those you think/feel don’t deserve.

Honor those you think/feel they positively impact your life.

Respect those who you think/feel don’t think/look like you.

Encourage those you think/feel need moral support/encouragement.

Be a blessing to those you think/feel don’t love you.

Inspire those you think/feel are coming behind you.

Look out for silverlining in situations you think/feel are bringing discomfort.

Celebrate the life you think/feel you are not enjoying.

Speak out for those you think/feel have voice but are seemingly speech-impaired.

Call those you think/feel have forgotten you.

Forgive those you think/feel deserve punishment.



I pray that we all find FAITH, HOPE & LOVE in all the chaos, challenges, battles and celebrations within and around us.

Till December 26, have a distinguished #Christmas and a graceful new year!

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God is not good because we said God is good. Being good is God’s nature. Whatever we say of God does not change who God is, but rather it changes our level of connectivity, relationship, and fellowship with God.

And so, as well-cherished people made in the image and likeness of God, people’s opinions, thoughts, feelings and reactions toward us should not affect what we are or where we are going.

If someone tells you something deserving garbage bin, please immediately (no second thought), dust it off.

If someone tells you something that can be useful to your life, recycle it.

If someone tells you something deserving of honour, graciously appreciate it.

Do not live your life accumulating and ruminating on things that are supposed to be in the garbage.

Never accept, never think about, and never give, anything that does not have the ability to build up.

And this whole process requires your ability to identify who you are and where you are heading to because some of the things deserving garbage bin may appear to be deserving of honour and vice versa.

When you know or have your vision, protect it with the whole of your being because

                         “A Protected Vision is a Fortified Destiny”


And when you have a great dream, do not remain in your bed thinking about it. Wake up, stand up, work smarter and let it guide your choice of partners because it is what makes the difference between “those who live in their DreamedLand and those who live in their Dreamland”.

Just as the difference between “Dreamland” and “DreamedLand” is just an addition of two alphabets “E and D” to the simple. The difference between both words (and worlds) to the person of understanding is “Effective or Efficient Discipline”. Discipline yourself effectively and efficiently to accomplish your dreams.

The difference between those who live in their DreamedLand and those who live in their Dreamland is Effective Discipline.

In summary,
Know your identity (you can read previous articles https://wordpress.com/post/chrislovecgo.wordpress.com/471 ). Have a vision. Protect your vision. Listen to, take and give good counsels. Apply vision-sensitive filters. And effectively discipline yourself.

   See you all at the top 🔝

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When I received the privilege to be a student, I was determined to make sure that I got something beyond a degree or certificate. I remembered the famous quote “don’t just pass through the school, let the school also pass through you” and I held unto it dearly. There were tons of joy-stealing & hopeless trials and challenges But I was determined never to give up. Instead of dwelling on “my challenges, trials and worries”  which were quite tedious, draining and destabilizing, I shifted my energy towards helping others overcome their challenges. I never complained but rather always making sure that I HAVE A TESTIMONY (find a reason to be grateful). These brought so much joy and fulfillment to me. By the time I helped someone to be happy, I celebrated their victory so much that by the time I went back to my room, I could transferred the joy and positive energy to my work. 

Sometimes I just searched out Sunday Services just not for the sermon but just the testimonies of what God was doing and did in the lives of the testifiers. These testimonies brought so much hope and joy to me, and helped me to trust God for the humanly impossible. 

I took the responsibility of never sharing or discussing my internal struggles, battles and obstacles with people. 

It wasn’t because maybe I always get all A’s in my classes. Absolutely no. In fact, there was a semester in which I focused on much on the challenges and serious problems in my family combined with my own, and I ended up with a C, D, D in the three courses I  took (Winter 2014). This was worst semester in my entire school life (from Junior High, I have never gotten such a “gross failure” before. My term GPA was 1.33/4.5. It was so disappointing, depressing and shocking that my personal professor was determined, after seeing my result and hearing all that happened, to help me appeal for AUTOMATIC WITHDRAWAL of the academic semester from my transcript (and grade) for COMPASSIONATE REASONS. She was very knowledgeable about the conditions and procedures involved and so she contacted a student advocate for me and together we drafted the letter to the committee. I sent it to her and we were on the second round of the review process just before sending it to the University Administration for their assessment of the appeal to final decision, before I felt it should be left. This was due partially to the financial challenges (it will result in me losing over $4,000 in tuition fees and additional semester in school) and also because I felt that my degree will not be a representative of my academic life and struggles. When I finished the cost-benefit analysis for the authorized withdrawal, including the externalities, there was an overwhelming reasons to leave it on my transcript. 

I learned, internalize and practice gratitude. Oh someone won an award? I will celebrate as if it was my name written on it. 

 So I worked so hard to maintain my joy. How? (a) By looking for the SILVERLINING in everything. Focusing on the positives. During this period and the later part of my life, it is literally impossible for you to paint an ugly picture of the state of affairs for me without me telling you how you can benefit from it. Optimism is an understatement to describe my love and passion for silverlining.

(b) this circumstance draw me much closer to God. I encouraged myself in the Lord (my favorite Bible verse was 1 Samuel 30v6 – And David was greatly distressed; for the people spake of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and for his daughters: but David encouraged himself in the Lord his God. https://bible.com/bible/1/1sa.30.6.KJV). I became voracious for the Word of God and never missed any assembly of the people of God

(c) I dispel every form of “pity-partying” by not telling people what had happened to me. 

This is because I believe that every battle is a training/preparation( for the brighter days) to be enjoyed, not a dead-end to be mourned about. 




Updated and edited version coming soon! 

MY DAILY LIFE (unedited)

I rarely get invited to events because the super-saved think I’m not “saved-enough” while the youngstars think I’m “too-saved’. 

I’m closely surrounded (like very close to my surroundings, often closer than my next-door neighbour) by two worlds of social exclusion. Its all good though cause it helps me find my niche& HOPE in God’s Love #ATWT

My best friends in life outside of my immediate family are CHILDREN cause we connect very easily and they always welcome and love me graciously as I AM.

Sometimes friends seem far like strangers & strangers seem close like friends but strangers are too strange to be close friends. 

My immediate family are hundreds of miles away from me and I only occasionally have access to my best friends (CHILDREN). So most times I’m like Adam…

In the Garden surrounded by, have names (on my contact list and social media friendship list but they only exist on my mobile device) of and taking care of many beauties (both the roses 🌹and the lions 🦁)  but can’t actually relate with the beauties cause I don’t fit-in (either I’m too lightweight pfor who gym daily or I’m too heavyweight for those who are still enjoying calories) their expectations. My application to join their fitness centre to finesse my social skills have all been disqualified, rejected and disapproved. 

Though I have fellowship with the closest of all friends (Holy Spirit), like Adam, I’m still not satisfied. I feel alone not lonely though cause I’ve got some WORK to do. 

The exclusion is exclusively ephemeral, very soon, we will be RELEVANT to you that it will be  detrimental to your life to think of ignoring us. But by then, we will be highly inaccessible to you. 

Enjoy yourself while it lasts! I hope you are only doing this to me though! 

Thanks for reading 

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If you are weak in times of trouble, that is real weakness.
Proverbs 24:10 ERVhttp://bible.com/406/pro.24.10.ERV

Keep fighting.

Yes, they are breathtaking. 

Yes, they are painful. 

Yes, you may not have planned or prepared for them. 

Yes, they all seem to be against you. 

But yes, you have been prepared for them. 

Yes, you have been equipped with the resources to overcome them. 

Yes, you have been fortified against them and to conquer them. 

Yes, they are all working together for your good. 

You are too strong to give up. 

You are too far to turn back. 

You are too brave to quit.👨‍✈️👩‍✈️

You will conquer them all. 

You have been built and fortified for the challenges you are facing right now.

This is a token of my love,  support and encouragement for you even as you grow through this phase of your life. And to assure you that with you, I AM 

See you at the end of the tunnel! 

 🌟🌟🌟🌟🏅💖💖 💖 🏅🌟🌟🌟🌟

God bless your fight

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