A leader is a person who influences the behavior of others towards achieving a particular aim or objective. A good leader must live an exemplary life. That is, he must try as much as possible to do what he commands his followers to do and must be able to take risks and stand on his/her words. He must be able to exert a positive influence on the lives of others. Must be humble, teachable and an active listener.

As a leader, do not expect total obedience and submission to all the principles, rules and regulations you initiate because human beings are not perfect, and the rules and regulations will never be totally adhered to. They will never completely cover all the deviant acts that are likely to generate in the cause of leading a group or an organization. Furthermore, the rules and regulations do not totally and equally benefit everybody. Some people will be more favored than others for one reason or the other and human beings will always strive for self-interest.

Secondly, as a leader, do not expect everybody to love you and do not think that you can satisfy everybody objectively. Some will love, some will hate and others will be indifferent. Be ready to face challenges and problems for they will surely arise and your ability to face and overcome them is what makes you a leader. It is only a fool that will expect and believe everybody to love him/her. Some may be smiling at you while stabbing you behind your back, while some are ready to overthrow you and usurp your position due to envy and jealousy.

So as a leader, you must take all these into consideration; do not take actions that are unwise, unacceptable and unexpected of you as a leader. Let not your conscience be against you and never try to please anybody because the more you try to satisfy Mr. A the more you hurt Mr. B. it is a zero-sum activity. That is, one person gains while the other looses out. Do not take hasty decisions and desist from anger and iniquity. Whenever you are angry, do not make any comment or take any drastic decision because you are likely to regret it afterwards.

Always pray to God to give you wisdom to lead the people He has put under your care and direct your path. Always engage your followers or the people you are leading in decision making in other to motivate them towards achieving the organizational or team goals. Remember that nobody is a complete fool. There is always a sense in all foolishness but it takes the wise and humble to decipher. Never discriminate against anyone whether from a different religion, tribe, age, skin pigmentation and gender. Try all these and you will be the perfect leader the world is looking for. And in all LIVE A LIFE OF LOVE FOR “LOVE COVERS ALL SINS” and “LOVE NEVER FAILS” as the Bible says.

Therefore Think Love, Teach Love, Share Love, Show Love, and Practice Love.

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Christian Okwudiwa


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