INSPIRATION: I wrote this poem specifically for my beloved sister and friends who are God fearing, educated, hard working, beautiful and yet single. There are so many questions that ran through the heart and many pressures from family and friends. I just wanted to let them know that they are precious and valuable independently and to reassure them of their authentic self worth. And finally, a note to the family to celebrate their daughters/sisters as heroines and rare gems because soon they will be found by “noble” laureates and you won’t have close access to them.

THEMES: Some of the underlying themes of this poem are beauty, self-worth, royalty, virtuous, family pressure, etc


Like the King’s home street,
Her Heart is made of pure gold
Yet no miner wants to mine it
Is it because goldsmiths only buy raw gold?
Or she’s just too refined for a gold digger?

Her Dad has preserved her heart for a royalty
Because only true royalties cherish pure gold
Therefore, as a beloved daughter of God
No beast can come near her.

She’s a priceless princess
Her networth is the Son’s blood
She has already been purchased
Even before you were born
She has been predestinated by the King

She knows her rights but has given them up
From freedom fighter to freedom ambassador
Former rebel called this transformation
For this is no amnesty.

Her beauty
She’s like the lilies of the field
For wealth and wisdom isn’t to be compared with
She’s the lily of the valley
A lily among thorns trying to choke out her joy.

She’s the favor factor
For the diligent researcher who finds her
For there are many researchers
But only the inspirational ones become laureates.

Therefore, blessed is the man who finds her
Virtue is the blood that runs through her veins
See how she groomed her kid brother
Whose love for excellence and profound humility transcends
The cultural confinement of the world.

Oh earth, how blessed thou art!
For in thee dwells such an enigmatic
Simplification of the Godhead
A personified form of the glory, honor and splendor.

Hello family, celebrate your heroine and rare gem
A royalty deserving to be loved and cherished
Clothe her with royal apparel of love, faith and hope
For soon her noble laureate will find her
And forever you remain well-wishers and visitors!

Born in Fall, Raised by Love ❣️

When it comes to happiness, Grandma said I’m Source

When you talk of freshness, Wifey said I’m Sauce

Frienemies being so close, try to lay a Curse

People try to stop my shine without any Cause

I live and celebrate with them, Love is the Cost

Paul said Jesus forgave us all, all on the Cross

Love is all I owe all men, the price for my Crown

So October 12th is my #birthday

Apostle said it’s the World Love Day

Raised by Love, I was born in Fall

Now living in snow, I was groomed without Winter

One generation is gone yet I’m just in my Spring

Mummy wants harvest long wait for the Summer

I felt so much love, people got me in my feelings

To show that I’m grateful, I’m responding to all wishes

Love comes with so much responsibilities and actions

“Love is Worthless Without Sacrifice”™




It’s preposterous to hear of the things being done under the Sun

It seems like people don’t have respect and regards for the Son

Everyday we wake up to the beautiful shining Sun

We are glad, making merry without appreciating the Son

I asked someone, ‘who made the Sun?’

Of course they forgot it was the Son

They told me they’ve spent a number of years studying the Sun

Yet they miss the simplest info about the Son

The Son made man, man made books about the Sun

But books made by man made man forget the Son

Somebody reading this will think I’m merely trying to rhyme the Son and the Sun

But if you have the Son and see the Sun you probably have a song to praise the Son

If you know what I’m talking shout Hallelujah!


Whenever I’m facing the heat

Whether from peace or beat

Two things come to my heart

To pen or to quit

Most times I feel like quitting

But then I remember the

Heart-reviving words of MrCHRISLOVE™

There’s no reward for giving up on your dreams

So I drop the quit option in the pen

And dust off my pen

This is my reward for believing in me

Don’t give up, believe in your dreams!

With Love, we can conquer all!



A leader is a person who influences the behavior of others towards achieving a particular aim or objective. A good leader must live an exemplary life. That is, he must try as much as possible to do what he commands his followers to do and must be able to take risks and stand on his/her words. He must be able to exert a positive influence on the lives of others. Must be humble, teachable and an active listener.

As a leader, do not expect total obedience and submission to all the principles, rules and regulations you initiate because human beings are not perfect, and the rules and regulations will never be totally adhered to. They will never completely cover all the deviant acts that are likely to generate in the cause of leading a group or an organization. Furthermore, the rules and regulations do not totally and equally benefit everybody. Some people will be more favored than others for one reason or the other and human beings will always strive for self-interest.

Secondly, as a leader, do not expect everybody to love you and do not think that you can satisfy everybody objectively. Some will love, some will hate and others will be indifferent. Be ready to face challenges and problems for they will surely arise and your ability to face and overcome them is what makes you a leader. It is only a fool that will expect and believe everybody to love him/her. Some may be smiling at you while stabbing you behind your back, while some are ready to overthrow you and usurp your position due to envy and jealousy.

So as a leader, you must take all these into consideration; do not take actions that are unwise, unacceptable and unexpected of you as a leader. Let not your conscience be against you and never try to please anybody because the more you try to satisfy Mr. A the more you hurt Mr. B. it is a zero-sum activity. That is, one person gains while the other looses out. Do not take hasty decisions and desist from anger and iniquity. Whenever you are angry, do not make any comment or take any drastic decision because you are likely to regret it afterwards.

Always pray to God to give you wisdom to lead the people He has put under your care and direct your path. Always engage your followers or the people you are leading in decision making in other to motivate them towards achieving the organizational or team goals. Remember that nobody is a complete fool. There is always a sense in all foolishness but it takes the wise and humble to decipher. Never discriminate against anyone whether from a different religion, tribe, age, skin pigmentation and gender. Try all these and you will be the perfect leader the world is looking for. And in all LIVE A LIFE OF LOVE FOR “LOVE COVERS ALL SINS” and “LOVE NEVER FAILS” as the Bible says.

Therefore Think Love, Teach Love, Share Love, Show Love, and Practice Love.

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Christian Okwudiwa


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The Paradox of Good

It is funny how we (inclusively) have successfully created a family of hypocrites in our quest for *good people*. This has been the case because we have a distorted meaning/perception of who ‘good’ and ‘bad’ friends are. Our definition of “good friends” are people who make nice and incredibly awesome comments, posts and status updates about us while “Bad friends” are those set of humans that will always criticize our works, reading between the lines in every posts or comments or statements we make, in order to tell us the errors or warning or mistakes we have made.

This misconceived ideology has strategically placed us in the position where we run away or avoid the people who are actually trying to make us better people by pointing out areas that need to be amended. And has guided us to unconsciously employ ‘hypocrites’: people with low sense of intellectual capacity (politically correct experts and flatterers). They will always at all-time in all situations tell you that you are doing great even when you are floating in errors and perpectual ignorance, mostly for personal gains (not necessarily monetary).

I mean, who does not love to wake up in the morning to a beautifully written post or people speaking well of him/her? We like to retweet, repost, share and screenshot seemingly beautiful, nicely worded or well-crafted works that feed our egos. But when someone tells us what we don’t like, we block, unfriend, ban and report them.

I am not saying that you should be nitpicking, looking for the slightest errors to comment about. I am saying that we need to also appreciate people who are able to correct us. People make constructive criticism of our works. I strongly believed that there is an element of truth or something to learn from in every criticism. And its not everyone that is knows how to make constructive criticisms. While some can express it in the form of jokes, piece of advice or stories, others are known to “give it raw”(as it is).

Haven said that, for those who are gifted in finding out errors in us, please also try to appreciate us when we do something right. If you’re an error detector, it means that you at least have a sense of what is good. And so find out those things that we did or are doing well and appreciate it at least once in your life with us.

A real life example, I had the privilege of being in a meeting with great minds some time ago (all Glory to God), and I was asked to proffer solution to the problem of how to get “our suffering/dying children to open up to us on where the challenge/sickness is affecting them so that we could be of help. I mean we have qualified doctors, surgeons, therapists, etc., who are capable of taking care of them”. This was a very technical problem. But I give a very concise and practical solution “BUILD RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM”. If you’re able to build a healthy trust-based relationship with people, they will tell you everything even before you ask them the challenges facing them.

Therefore, if you want to be a person of influence on people, first learn to appreciate the good they have done, then with love tell them what areas that they need to work on. And if possible, suggest the possible ways of going about it.

As for us who are being criticized or rebuked, let’s not run away from those people who rebuke or correct or point out the mistakes in our work. They are for our good. Let us not necessarily be looking at how much well those people are able to apply it to their lives. DO NOT SURROUND YOURSELF WITH EXCESSIVELY NEGATIVE PEOPLE. Your good friends or those that love you will always tell you the truth even when it doesn’t sound palatable. Take time to think and reflect on every criticism that you are opportune to receive. You grow more by learning from past mistakes.

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Buy More Junks?

At the grocery store today
I made up my mind to live healthy
But the first item in my cart is a junk.
Like new year resolutions
So died away my brave decision.
It felt like I was in the middle of January
Living in last year I thought I have crossed over
But I ain’t disappointed just a little remorseful.
I got the power to live healthy
But the store is more willing to sponsor my old life.
Junks are almost twice cheaper,
Dressed so fashionable and attractive

Well, D.O.G said the “old man” is always very attractive
And I see the goodnews sounding so unpleasant
Should I give excuses and return to my past?
Now I’m in front of the cashier
Pay for my pride and go with the junk
Or swallow my pride and tell her to take it off?
Now the game has many players
Many are they increased that trouble to keep me stagnant
Or if freedom is given, to regress

I now have many regressively reasonable grounds to give up.
Like Bro Adam in the Garden of Eden
So stood I at the counter starring at the junk food.
But I remember the words of MR.CHRISLOVE

“When there is no reason reasonable enough to excuse your inadequacies, success becomes your inevitable

And I remember that excuses didn’t exempt Bro Adam from the punishment.
So I munch up much courage to tell the cashier
Sadly I had to explain that again to her.
It didn’t feel good to her
Looking like a poor guy who couldn’t pay for all he wanted.
But I’m proud that I beat both my pride
And the good looking & attractive junk
And took the road I less trodden.
As I am concluding this write-up, I am eating noodles combined with mixed veggies.
I know it sounds so minute but I’m glad that unlike Adam, I overcome my temptation 😂🙏👏 👏 👏

If I can overcome my craving for junk, I am very confident that YOU CAN OVERCOME ANY TEMPTATION, PRIDE AND ANYTHING THAT WANT TO HOLD YOU BACK!


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