Life is a Time Game

Every move in life is like a game.

And so you need to ask and consider a few questions:

what are the rules of the game?

what are the risk of the game?

What are the possible rewards?

What happens if it’s wrong move?

What are the consequences of making the wrong move?

Is there any opportunity for second chance?

Is there any cheat codes?

Can you possibly cheat and get away with?

What’s the consequences if caught?

Is there an opportunity to quit along the way?

How do you know when you have won or lost the game?

Does it really matter if you win or lose the game?

But again, remember that you don’t always have the luxury of time to consider all these things.

So what exactly will you do when you are confronted with an opportunity to make a move?

Actually, I think the bigger question is why on earth did I risk what I just did just to tell you Happy New Year?

I want you to think. Maybe I want you to plan. Or maybe plan to think or maybe I want you to think of a plan.

Anyways, it’s a new year!

Whether you think, plan, move or stay put

Remember that

life is a time game and you are born a player.

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