The vertical relationship is at the peak of the Triangle. You want to maintain a healthy relationship with your Creator because that’s is the source of your life, power and wellbeing. Once this is intact, every other relationships becomes a flow). A man who does not understand the love of Jesus Christ for His Church will not be able to love his wife unconditionally as expected. Also, the woman who does not understand the submission of the Church to Jesus Christ, will find it difficult to submit to her husband. The same applies to relate with children, family and friends.


(Relationship with your spouse is the second most important, most precious and valuable one because your spouse is an inseparable part of you; your partner in this journey of life and the one who watches your blindspots). As long as I am concerned, It is better to remain single than to marry someone you can’t trust or rely on. This is very important.

A healthy marriage breeds healthy community


Your relationship with your child or children is very important especially for them because it has a trickling down effect on future generations and the society as a whole. Children learn more by imitation, meaning that they get to copy how you relate with your spouse (as a parent, you are your children’s first and strongest role model and ally). A child’s behaviour can be traced directly to the parents and family they come from. As Next Minute Leaders™, your children will replicate what they see in the lives of the parents and close family members, and of course, take it to the next level. This is why it’s very important to train up your child “in the way it should go”- King Solomon


This is a very important and delicate relationship to manage. It’s delicate because this is your family – they knew your challenges, weaknesses and have been there for you from infancy. They played a major role in your upbringing. I’m talking about your parents, siblings, inlaws, and family members. It very important because you have to keep the relationship healthy and respectful even if don’t accept their counsels or disagree with them.

I refer to them as extended family because once you’re married, your nuclear family structure changes to: you, spouse and children


Keep it clean, friendly and resourceful.


Special Credits to: Chukwuemeka E. (Le Baron) for the background image

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  1. Thank you Mr.Chrislove for sharing this wonderful content. I cannot agree more 🙂 I dont have children yet, but I am looking forward to have some little ones, one day. However, it is true to better stay single if you cannot have somebody that you cannot rely on and trust for the rest of your life. I am married so I must know.

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    1. Thank you @wifeblah for the awesome insight.
      Actually, this has been one of my key beliefs in marriage and my position is absolute – it is better for me to remain single than to marry someone that either I cannot trust or cannot trust me.
      The main essence of marriage is for companionship/partnership and so marriage is worthless without trust just as Love is Worthless Without Sacrifice💎


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      1. That is soo true. I am only married for 5 years and it’s not always easy but I can say my husband completes me, and I can’t imagine going through these hardships in life without him, he can be the most annoying person in the world but he is my perfect teammate 😉

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  2. I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying your marriage. Thank GOD for your home. And may God’s Grace, Love and peace continue to flow in your marriage in Jesus name. Amen!
    I love hearing stories like this💎


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