I may not be able to change the world

Or everyone in it

But I can change my dressings

And maybe, my address


I will need your voice on bedside

To bring me hope and courage

That even if I lost all

I gain you


And if life is brief as we were told,

Mine will be best

Summarized in you

I need you!

My mamma is a lecturer

Yet you say I have no teacher

Because you think I’m still in Junior High

Your belief is risible but I’m honoured

I don’t have the luxury for fatuous arguments

Dad says I’m the paragon of his beauty

Though you have visited the pentagon

You still don’t know how to draw a polygon

When I speak of my identity, you call it temerity

I know you’re trying to cage the lion

Maybe you didn’t check the tribe

Why Me? Why Now?

There is a time

And a timeline

For every life event

Some create indelible memories

Some wreak life-altering catastrophes

It maybe man-made

Or beyond man’s control

In either of the events

In any of the outcomes

One thing is constant

And one thing is under man’s power:

And that is our

Choice of reaction or perception to it.


We may not be able to influence nature

The power to change everyone

Is not in our jurisdiction

But the determination to see

The brighter side of every experience

And the ultimate influence

Over our happiness in life

Lies in our hearts of heart

And this is more important

Than anything that might

Have happened or is happening to us.


I cannot downplay the effects

Of certain heartbreaking events

In our lives

I am not saying that

It will always be an easy decision

To be optimistic or find the silver-lining

It may not first option to mind

That’s why it’s the most rewarding  

And so we need to be strong for us

And for our future

Because, at the end of day

We are responsible for what

Was said or done in our bodies

Not necessarily what happened to us.

The Bedroom

The Bedroom

Is where

All you see

Were conceived


The Vision was received

Where all

The major decisions were discussed


Daddy get to know Mummy

And God’s implanted the

Seed of multiplication in us


So always keep

The Bedroom

Free from external contents

No pictures or writings of others

In our Bedroom

Except they are thanking us

For being God’s hand of kindness to them.

Our Bedroom

Should always be

Around and about

Us, our impossible dreams and the Holy Spirit

Anything else can be anywhere 

But the Bedroom

An epitome of The CHRISLOVE™’s Bedroom


My soul transcends my being

I felt an internal struggle for space

The right to possess my mind

Like I was a newly discovered element to patent


Tears, fears, and anguish

The battle continues,

Worse, within

The things are impossible to share

No human mind can understand


Now I wonder if best to be a vacuum

But am loaded with too much information

To be alone

So if you read this with no understanding

Feel no guilt

For poetry is not for all.

IF I Ever Get To Regret

‪ If I ever get to regret

I will regret the day I regretted

Eating the food that made me purge

My stomach needed that much cleansing


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Why Am I Even Here?

I have many friends

Yet I am most lonely

I have some followers

Yet I am no one's leader

I am surrounding by many

Yet I am deeply empty inside

Many people looking up to me

Yet I have no one to look up to.

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