Throughout my 6-7 years of Primary School & 3years of Junior High, my BEST GRADE was 3rd position (that was just semester out of all while the second best was 9th position). The other positions 8 can’t remember because they were pretty far. Then throughout my Senior High (Secondary), my WORST GRADE was 3rd position. That was maybe once or twice while the rest were either 1st or 2nd positions. 


Simple – Jesus Christ, A Spirit-field house (my brother who doesn’t attend Christ Embassy allowed his house to be used for #CellMeeting or #HouseFellowship), An Excellent and Challenging Role Model ( Prince Gogogwute). Even though I wasn’t born again (in fact I used to despise members of LCCG esp & ignorantly because of #PrayingInTongues or #SpeakingInTongues Now I know better and feel like Bro Paul in 1 Corinthians 14:18) until I think my last year of High School, the #Grace was flowing, the challenge was getting intensed with every award that my brother brought home. Don’t it twisted, I was going to church all these while regularly especially on special occasions such as wedding, Christmas, Easter, etc because of the “incentives” but I didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This I know for sure is the condition of some of you reading this, you’re attending church & church programs but never had a relationship with Jesus Christ. I plead with you sincerely to do do so now. He will change your life and rewrite your history.

And for those of you that have allowed your house, phones, laptops and properties to be used for negative things/acts, you seriously need to make amends because there is always a trickling down negative effects on you. It may be the reason beyond your misfortunes. And as you know or may have heard “the harvest is always greater than the seed sown”. 

The number and degree of Awards, favors, Love, Honours, Peace, Joy, Scholarships, opportunities and challenges that I have handled since I have a flowing relationship with Jesus Christ is unfathomable, unexplainable and far beyond my wildest imagination. Yet God is just warming up on my side. 


. . . . . THINKING MARRIAGE? . . .  . . .

Marriage is the bonding of two undissolveable and irreversible chemicals in which dissolution results in partial/total dysfunction of each chemical.

Therefore, do not seek marriage because of peer pressure (all my colleagues and friends are married), family pressure (oh all your younger sisters or brothers are married). Don’t even marry because of sex (you will be tired of sex). Some people think that when they marry, they will be able to control their sex hormones or quit flirting. In fact, inability to control yourself is an indication that you’re not ready for marriage. What happens when your spouse travels?
Marriage is not a research laboratory where you experiment on chemicals, and closed down when you feel you have achieved your goals.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO OPT-OUT option. Once you’re in, you’re in. One of the highest levels of ignorance that people are victims of when it comes to marriage even the supposedly highly educated ones is that divorce is a opt-out option in marriage. Ask the divorcee to objectively compare or share their life experiences before marriage, during marriage and after the divorce, and you will be terrified by an honest answer.

This is also the reason why you can’t marry everyone you fall in love with. Or because he/she’s wealthy, has awesome figures or packs, physical appearance or access to economic resources.

Marry someone who will help you fulfill your goals (I’m not talking about raising children here although it’s a great blessing). Before you think of marriage, you need to know and understand your purpose in life. Why are you on earth? How can getting married help you to achieve your goals, purpose or even speed up the process?

In conclusion, marriage is sweet, one of the most beautiful gifts from God but before you go into it, you have to have read the terms & conditions, pros & cons carefully with full understanding and be fully prepared for outcome.

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This is a poetic recitation I was supposed to deliver sometimes in 2016 during the Annual Youth Conference as part of a group presentation but for reasons beyond my ability, it was possible. This is it in its unrefined form. Please read, be blessed, share and leave comments below!
I was created by God
But I didn’t know who He was
And why He created me.
So instead of working to know Him,
I was busy fighting against the One who made me live.
Each second He gave me to live, I lived it to fight Him
Fighting against the air I breathe each minute.
I believed so much lies that the only truth I ever believed was a lie.
Ignorance made me super proud of being a fool.
But rather than fighting back,
He told me that though my sins are as dark as scarlet,
He will make me white as snow.

So He sent His Only precious Son to die for my rebellion.

He conquered me in my rebellion

Now I am saved by His Love,
Redeemed by His GRACE, and
Called into a life of total freedom

Freedom from ignorance, sin and hatred.

Emerging from the depth of the ocean of sin.
A new creature just created by the Creator
Old things have passed away and all things have become new.
Now rather than condemnation, I got promotion
Rather than being any enemy, He calls me a son.
He poured out His Spirit upon me
He said to me, son arise and shine for thy light has come!
So now I am SHINING,
This is the NEW ME
Living in the New Covenant of LOVE!

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Volunteering as a Children Mentor has been one of my most fulfilling volunteer programs because it gives me the rare privilege of directly positively impacting the lives of our Next Minute Leaders™img_20170118_022413_738
Playing with and being around children is one of the things I do for fun. children are my favorite people on earth. No matter how stressful my school work and what’s going on in my personal life, I am always waiting for 3:45 pm to go meet with these super talented, brilliant & highly gifted children. Their quest for knowledge, leadership and athletic skills, and dedication/strong desire to contribute to the community in practical ways are overwhelmingly motivating.
For those who don’t know, “CanU is a Winnipeg-based charitable organisation that inspires hope and confidence in the leaders of tomorrow through its out-of-school mentorship and educational enrichment program for youth in Grades 5-12. Throughout the year, CanU Kids participate in a wide range of educational experiences on post-secondary campuses and develop their nutrition, health, academic, social, and leadership skills. CanU programs are designed and led by university student volunteers who are honing their leadership and community service skills. With a goal of inspiring hope and confidence, and empowering our kids to see possibilities and seize opportunities.” (

I started volunteering with CanU Canada in October 2014 (the program runs from October to March in each academic calendar). I had the privilege of mentoring kids from different ages, socio-economic, family and ethnic backgrounds. I also worked with CanU during Summer 2015 for the special program that was a partnership with Israel Idonije Foundation, Imagine Summer Leadership Program, in which I served as a role model to the kids in an ethical, professional, social and interpersonal relationship. picking up, travelling with and dropping off to The Price Companies, Red River College, University of Manitoba College of Pharmacy, Manitoba Museum, Get Out Of The Basement (GOTB), etc for professional training, skills acquisition and to widen their career choices.
And because I personally experienced the importance of having a humble & exemplary role model, I carry out my responsibilities with zeal,  passion, enthusiasm and love. My ultimate goal every volunteer day is to make sure that they are at least a 1000 times better youths/young adults than myself.
One of the major ways of carrying out these responsibilities is by using positive reinforcement: appreciating/celebrating the kids for every act of kindness, humility, leadership role, heroic acts such as giving up personal comfort to make the group as a whole more comfortable, taking initiatives, etc. Examples include: celebrating a child that opens the door for others; say THANK YOU to a caregiver cleaning the floor; say THANK YOU to an invested guest/instructor on behalf of the group, etc.
Also, I don’t focus on their mistakes or errors but rather empower them to do greater and more excellent things. Don’t allow them to settle for anything less but rather guide them to think that there are no heights that they can’t attain. Oh yeah, this is exactly where the organization name comes in CANU (the University of CAN), a place where U CAN achieve anything you want with passion, dedication, discipline, diligence, hard work and God’s help, irrespective of your family, socio-economic background). We see possibilities for every seemingly impossible situation, excellence in every mistake, and greatness in every weakness.
In addition, it is commonly said that “experience is the best teacher” and so I tell them my story of how though being born without a silver spoon, achieving mediocre grade, walking around without specific goal and ambition other than to become a local fisherman and floating around with “high ranking mediocre” become an award winning student. My life was transformed due to an excellent mentor (my elder brother PRINCE GOGOGWUTE), discipline, focus, hard work and God’s Grace. Now I have to be a little careful here because my life and all that I may think I have accomplished are much of God’s Grace, Love and Mercy than my personal efforts because I have been to places, interacted with people that ordinary personal efforts wouldn’t have qualified me. And so saying that my hard work earned me these will be equivalent to using someone’s work (in this case, God’s Grace) without acknowledging it. That’s PLAGIARISM at its peak. I don’t even want to start thinking about the punishment.
Finally, haven known from personal experience, observation and words of elders that children learn more by imitation. I strive for excellence in conducting myself within and outside the program, in my conversation with fellows and even social life (because these kids are smarter and can find you anywhere (wont be surprised that they’re reading this).
Over time, I get to see many of these children display these characteristics consciously and unconsciously. This is why I refer to Children as Next Minute Leaders™ because they learn, adapt and improve so quickly and smartly that they manifest what is being thought a few minutes after. Therefore, calling them leaders of Tomorrow is underestimating their learning and leadership abilities.
It is quite impressive seeing some of the children who were part of the Grade 5&6 program grow up to take up the responsibility of Junior Mentors, mentoring the younger ones (the current Grade 5&6 kids), working alongside university student mentors like myself by “introducing kids to the dream of post-secondary education” and volunteering at other schools.
One of my favourite days was the day that one of the children (now a Junior Mentor) said that she wants to take over the leadership/management of CanU Canada after Mr Roger Berrington (the Owner/Founder). So Mr Roger in his characteristic manner: always eager to see the kids take great initiatives, very motivating and passionately supportive, asked her to write him a letter explaining her intentions and what she plans to do. And to our immense surprise, she came back a few days later with the letter. Although I don’t have access to the content of the letter (which really doesn’t matter for this article), her passion and willingness to give back to the community and serve others are praiseworthy.

The Children are our Next Minute Leaders™ because they can learn, adapt and improve so quickly and smartly that they manifest what is being thought a few minutes after. Therefore, calling them leaders of Tomorrow is underestimating their learning and leadership abilities.

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Mary Magdalene , Joanna (wife of Chuza, steward of Herod) Mary mother of James & Joseph, the mother of the Sons of Zebedee and the other women
The Bible revealed to us that at this point in the earthly life of JESUS CHRIST, it was only these three specifically mentioned women along with other women from Galilee that were recorded to be there while JESUS was on the Cross, MINISTERING TO HIM.
The disciples who are expected to be there with Him were nowhere to be found. Peter (the outspoken person) denied Him even before a maid as Jesus had prophesied. The funny thing is that when he realised that he had both lied & denied his Master because he was sore afraid, he couldn’t restitute and accept that he was a disciple. These women were not only present and ministering to Him with their possessions (substances) (Luke 8:1-3), they also kept watch. When Joseph of Arimathea took the body of Jesus Christ for burial, they followed him closely to know where he would lay the body of Christ. They also went a step further to know how the body was laid (Luke 23:49-55). This means that they were very concerned about the total well-being of Jesus even at death. The Bible presented a very detailed report on the important role of women in Christianity.
These great women didn’t just stop at identifying who took the body, where and how the body was laid, returned home and prepared spices and ointment to take care of the body. Inasmuch as they cared about ensuring the body of Jesus was well taken care of, they were careful enough to obey God’s commandment concerning Sabbath. God commanded that everyone rest on the Sabbath day (Exodus 20:8, 10; Deut 5:12). They refrained from ‘doing the right thing at the wrong time’ by not visiting the tomb on the Sabbath day. They demonstrated the full Gospel of JESUS CHRIST – LOVE & OBEDIENCE. JESUS had said earlier while responding to the Pharisees that LOVE for God is the first and greatest commandment (Matthew 22:36-40), and these women having followed Him closely learnt that and were able to put what they had learnt and believed into practice. Oh how blessed, Jesus said it is he who hears and put them into practice that loves Him (John 14:23).
They were hardworking, persistent and continually demonstrated their love for God which was evident their visit to the tomb immediately after the Sabbath day to anoint the body of Christ. Therefore, it wasn’t a surprise to see that these women were the first to carry the most important NEWS in Christendom – the RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST. And also the first to have a divine encounter (with two guardian angels) after the death of Jesus Christ (Luke 24:1-10). Which is in fulfilment of God’s Word in 1 Samuel 2:30b which says “them that honour Me will I honour”.
One lesson from these women is that whatsoever act of kindness you’re doing, be consistent, diligent and do it with love and passion. If they had ended their act of love in identifying the where and how JESUS body was laid and didn’t return on the first day of the week with their ointment to the tomb, they wouldn’t have had the single honor of having first hand experiential knowledge and becoming carriers of the GREATEST NEWS IN ALL HUMANITY.
CONCLUSION: This is one of the evidences to disprove the ongoing notion that Christianity has been a “religion of oppression” to women. Women are the pillars of Christianity. What we believe as Christians were first revealed to and told by women. Christianity is a relationship built on LOVE and LOVE does not discriminate, but rather love celebrates, appreciates and honours.

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A vessel is an instrument. Different vessels are utilised for different purposes depending design and intended purpose. The creator, designer or producer of the vessel determines the purpose of the vessel. Although vessels have predefined purposes, they are still subject to abuses by those who are privileged to have temporary access to it for different reasons, predominantly due to ignorance of intended purpose because they do not check the user manual. We humans are created by God Almighty (Genesis 1:26) for a specific purpose. But due to ignorance of God’s plan, because we don’t take time to consult our User Manual (The Holy Bible), we abuse ourselves. (This is not the topic for another write-up).

The Bible says “in a great house, there are vessels of honour and dishonour”_2Tim2:20-21. The good news is that these are not predetermined positions. God did not set aside or create some set of people to be vessels of honour (gold and silver) while and others as for dishonour (wood or earth). this means that everyone in the house (on earth) is equally likely to be one of the two vessels. It’s a bipolar choice you make every day by your lifestyle. You are absolutely responsible for whatever vessel you become. That is why it says “he that purges or cleanses himself shall be a vessel for honours”. So it is your conscious effort and decision that distinguishes you into one of the categories.

NOTICE that it doesn’t say “some are useful vessels while others are useless”. This means that even the vessels of dishonour are useful in some way. Satan, the fallen angels and demons are also useful in the hand of God. If you read the book of 2 Chronicles 18: 18-21, when the cup of King Ahab was full and God needed someone to go take him out, a demon was useful in carrying out the duty. “Then there came out a spirit, and stood before the Lord, and said, I will entice him” and when God asked him how. He said, “I will go out, and be a lying spirit in the mouths of all his prophets”(verse 21). Also, when God wanted to display His mightiness to Pharaoh by destroying the Egyptian firstborns, He permitted “the Destroyer” (who theologians believe is the devil) to enter and strike down any house without the blood on the lintel. Exodus 12:13-29. Therefore, there is no such thing as ‘useless vessels’, there are only ‘vessels of dishonour’.

Furthermore, if you study closely, in the category of “vessels of honour”, there is what I call “levels”. There is Silver level and there is Gold level. Jesus telling the parable of the Sower, He said something along this line when He was talking about the seed that falls on the good soil. This can be described as the vessels of honour. He said some ‘bringing forth a hundredfold, some sixty, and some thirty folds”_(Matthew 13: 18-23). Apostle John also mentioned this in his writings in 1 John 2:2-14. He talks about “children -newborn or spiritual infants (spiritually immature)” (verse 1), “young men -Christian workers( those growing in spiritual maturity)” (verse 13) and “Fathers -experienced spiritual mentors/teachers (spiritually mature believers)” (verse 13-14).
This means that all Christians are at different levels of spiritual maturity. This is one of the reasons why I don’t believe that every believer should be exposed to the same level of trials. God only ALLOWS you to go through the circumstances/challenges that you CAN OVERCOME (1 Corinthians 10:13). Because Job could handle losing all his wealth, health and children, that is why God ALLOWED it.

Your level of purity, holiness, obedience to God’s Word and work with God determines the category and level you fall into. If you are still feeding on milk, then you are a spiritual infant because “solid food is for spiritually mature, whose sense are trained by practice to distinguish between what is morally good and what is evil (Hebrews 5:13-14 AMP).
This does not mean that when you have grown to the level of being a Bible Studies or Sunday School teacher (spiritually mature -father) you have achieved it all?. Absolutely no. there is nothing like being “being at the peak of your spiritual growth”. There is always a new height and higher revelation knowledge of God. The Christian life is a journey that never ends until the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The closer you work with God, the more you know Him. That is why the apostle Paul with all his direct encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, spiritual insight and anointing, said “Not that I have already obtained it [this goal of being Christlike] or have already been made perfect, but I actively press on so that I may take hold of that [perfection] for which Christ Jesus took hold of me and made me His own” (Philippians 3:12 AMP).
In conclusion, Everyone and everything created by God is useful in different ways and manners. As for us humans, we are given the single honour of determining our usefulness in life and in the hands of God. Anything you want to be, there are destiny helpers who are readily available to catapult you to your destination willingly or forcefully. When the Apostle Paul says “some to honour and some to dishonour”, he is implying that you just have to be determined where/what you want to go/be and strategically position yourself and the person will meet and empower you. If you want to be a vessel of honour, there are people to assist you. If you want to be a vessel of dishonour, there are even much more people and forces willing to assist. That’s why I can boldly say that “all you need is a Vision of where you want to be, Prayers (for divine guidance), strategic positioning, & determination”.
See you at the top.

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