In Love We Unite

Black by the Sun
Yet the Sun itself isn’t Black

The Son, they say is Black
Yet we are not made “white” by the Son’s color.

We are made white by the Blood
Yet the blood in our veins is Red.

We should be very colorful in our thoughts
Yet we shouldn’t think of each other in colors.

For colors only appeal to the optical
Yet the eyes being black & white isn’t colorful.

The different colors make humans beautiful
Yet the beauty of humans is more intellectual than physical.

Humanity is no monochrome
So we need humility to unite the polychrome

The humility of love is colorful
And so the Love of God for humanity is first established by a symbol of color 🌈

Happy Independence Day America!

“In God We Trust”
In Love We Unite in Colors

Wishing you unity in color and progress in love!

Signed: Christian Okwudiwa [ #MRCHRISLOVE 🖋️]

From your friendly all-time neighbor #Canada


I know you think I have a girl, her name is PM

We just waiting for the right time for our engagement.

If you think politics, she’s the Prime Minister

And if you read backwards, she’s a Member of Parliament.

Anyways, we trusting God for His guidance.

There is just no time to play any politics.

We are waiting patiently for what you call the wedding day.

After which we will move to our own land.

To live happily ever after even if there are challenges

And a year after our wedding you come to dedicate our babies.

Hey! Don’t think too light for we know the Light.

I guess from our wait you know we are lights.

I am writing in the evening, so the light seems deem.

But lights shine even brighter in the dark times.

When we talk marriage with friends, they say we are long due.

But God loves us and so He’ll tell when the time is due.

I appreciate the friends for their life views.

Because these are made from their world views.

In the end, I know we are accountable to God for our own views.

I guess I don’t need your permission to express my own views.

For your information, #WordPress said I have been writing for four years.

You know that five, a close friend of four, represents Grace.

God inspire me, I cannot boast

For I gat to tell Son that I paid my own dues.

Happy Anniversary to MR.CHRISLOVE and hope to see you married soon 😂

Home Conscious, Not Homesick

In my Home, where I will be going
To a couple of Decades from now,

There is no Marriage.

Yet it is only marriage that takes you Home.

No! Actually, it is consummation of marriage that will take me Home.

That’s correct, there are neither bachelors nor divorcees at Home.

Singlehood is an allergy at Home

Dad being extravagantly loving

He surrounds us with naval officers in their ceremonial uniforms

To ensure that we remain married and our wedding gowns are shinely stainless.

We will be dwelling in the City whose streets are made of the purest of gold

Yet some siblings here like poverty

Well, good for them if poverty keep them married.

A period of absolute tranquility

There is neither sickness nor sorry

A place where there is no night

There is no need for a lamp nor sun light

Dad gives light overthere, so there is never power outage

As an heir to the throne, I will be living and reigning with my King to judge the world.

Feeding my King with the fruits of my lips will be my duty.

A musician you will call me
Then, my now cracky voice wil be perfectly auto-tuned

Serenading my King day and day nonstop.

A thousand years will be just for the honeymoon

And then forever we will live happily ever after!

This tale is not fairy.

But if you are a Thomas, please ask Bro John the Beloved!


The pages of the book are limited

But the serenade of my lover is infinite

140 characters was I limited to

yet growth of double is much of a constraint.

Not even enough to admire the pulchritude of her eyes.

Now I see why angels are not in-love nor is there marriage at Home.

For much is the distractions in the timetable of a lover.

I wish the whole earth is the home of patient lovers,

For much joy and peace reside in the heart

Of the one whose long prepared lover is revealed to.

They say “beauty is fading”,

But with your beauty only eyes fade!

As an eagle, my eyes continually behold more beauty.

Kids see beauty but adults conceive beauty

Oh! Greater access to the Light ignites a visionary beauty in your image.

For thought of you I honor my bachelor
With masters in hope and patience
Yet with you, I’m a doctor in contentment

For you are the epitome of true beauty

And your beauty is the light that clears all doubt & darkness.


They say beauty is fading,
But with your beauty only eyes fade!
But as an eagle, my eyes continually behold more beauty.
Oh! Greater access to the Light ignites a visionary beauty in your image.
Kids see beauty but adults conceive beauty.

Meaning: If you see beauty with your eyes, beauty will fade away as you grow older because your eyes become dimmer. This explains why people date or get married for some months/years only to separate from each other during moments of trials and challenges – they are kids carried away by physical attractions without conviction. It does not mean that the lady becomes less attractive/beautiful but the guys’ eyes have grown dimmer and since they’re controlled/led by their eyes, they can no longer see the beauty in her.

This is one of the reasons why I am ABSOLUTELY AGAINST CHILD MARRIAGE because something as beautiful as marriage and the outcome (in most cases, pregnancy), which is to be cherished. They may end up destroying both themselves and the babies because they lack the maturity and training to take care of them.

But if you conceive an idea, it only gets better as you grow older with more understanding and translate (give birth) to something much more beautiful. And you will always look for the best ways to nurture the beautiful idea. Think of when a woman conceives a child, she even avoid some her favorite meals – dietary restrictions, just to make sure that the embryo is well nourished to grow to become a beautiful child.

Your beauty is the light that clears all doubt & darkness
[Your beauty – personality, clears the doubt that you’re God’s gift to me and clears darkness(=other girls floating around me). NO Mrs Portiphar.

The conclusion of the matter is that, dont be led by your eyes but rather be led by your conviction




By 10:00pm CST

Mum: When are you coming home?

Me: Next year by God’s Grace. But I can’t come if I don’t find a wife.

Mum: Come over here, we have pretty, well-mannered, cultured and responsible ladies around.

Me: No mum, they can’t handle me. I have to find one from here. Pray for me.

Mum: Do you have anyone in your life?


03:00am CST (5 hours later)
Phone Call from Swt Mum.

Me: Hello Mum

Mum: Where is she? I want to speak with her.

Me: Who is she?

Mum: The girl in your life.

Me: No girl mum, still trusting God. Please pray for me.

Mum: Are you sure there is no girl?

Me: Yes mum. Was just playing but keep praying for me that God will guide me aright.

Mum: Okay I will, I trust you. I’m very concerned about you and your choice of wife. Just keep me posted

Me: I will mum. I “lo…v” you

Mum: Bye!!!

Phone drops!

Me – quick prayer: Father, please help me to tame my tongue in Jesus name. Amen😂





I have got Jesus on my team

I have got no reason to be afraid

Because I am a god here on earth

And as a god, I’m like God.

Continue reading “DON’T MESS WITH A GOD”


Fulfilment or ultimate success in life is personal. You can seek the assistance or guidance of others. You can also get inspiration from others. But make sure you are running your race according to your timeline and not what others add on your timeline.

Like the popular saying “we will not all journey through the same route”, identify your route and stick to it. Take full responsibility for your own failure and success in life because you are ultimately responsible for them anyways.

Using the exact words of the wisest man ever, King Solomon “There is a season (a time appointed) for everything and a time for every delight and event or purpose under heaven” – Ecclesiastes 3:1 AMP. There is a chronological arrangement of events in everyone’s life which is unique to the individual. Two identical twins, though born physically alike, have distinctive purposes and missions on earth.

Even your DNA is a constant reminder of your uniqueness in purpose, mission and timeline.

Some of us are given a hundred years to fulfill our missions. Some others of us are given 80% of that.

Some of us may have to get married in order to fulfill our purpose in life. Some others of us, marriage may be a distraction to our fulfilment in life.

Some of us will know our spouses even while in school and not ready to get married, some others of us will only know our spouses when we are ready to get married.

Some of us will have to build our own houses before we get married, while owning a house will distract some others of us from getting married.

Some of us will get married by 25, some other of us will get married after 30.

Some of us will be billionaires at 25, some others of us will be billionaires after 30. Some of us will be making others billionaires. Some others of us will be billionaires on the other side.

Some of us will be owners of businesses and/or organizations, some others of us will be managers of businesses and/or organizations.

Some of us will be pastors, prophets, apostles, teachers, evangelists, etc. Some other of us will be sons and daughters of encouragement.

Some of us will be politicians, some others of us will be soldiers.

Some of us will be playing lead roles in organizational/institutional or national development, while others of us will play background roles.

What is most important is not the status of our accomplishments in life but rather, the accomplishment of our statuses.
Know what you are here for, when you are to achieve it and follow through with it. Do not get discouraged by other people’s accomplishments or how fast they accomplish theirs. Neither should you become so “inspired” as to get married or start a career because others are going into it.

Know your own timeline and stay on your lane

Love, Faith and Hope always!🌟

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