Poets Never Die

Though death do us part, your words and life live forever


Ever felt pains before you went to bed  Thinking it would be gone overnight  Only to wake with it in the morning? I’m talking about the pain That pain reliever can’t relieve  Neither can pain-killers kill The kind of pain that kills pain-killer It’s really painful And instead of dying it’s growing Like pregnancy, itContinue reading “PAIN”

What I See

‪What I see‬ ‪I see them no more ‬ ‪Not that it’s evil‬ ‪It was a dream‬ ‪But I can’t keep sleeping‬ ‪I’m now awake chasing them‬ ‪Oh wait! ‬ ‪I will see them later ‬ ‪In a different form‬ ‪That everyone can see ‬ ‪Even the blind can feel‬ ‪Thanks be to Jesus!‬ ‪I’mContinue reading “What I See”