They say time is running out

But with you I gain time

Oh how my soul wait to see this day

I will patiently wait to behold

The beauty and splendor of my Queen.

A thousand hours flashes like lightening

As God’s breathe sends down the ice

With sixty-one thousand hours of service

Yet not remembered like a wounded vet

But the joy ahead of me

Energizes me to endure the pains

Of a freezing seat by coffee I never tasted

And though the wait felt like waste

God kept me busy with His Work

I am confident within me that

God has reserved her for me

But I still haven’t figured out

The Reservation Code.

People and Flowers

Mummy gave me her prayers, followup calls and is my Special Secret Service Agent
So I sent her a tulip 🌷

Dad inspired me to pursue my vision and never give up irrespective of opposition and challenges.
So I sent him a Rose of Sharon 🌹

My grandma is my role model when it comes to serving others and the community with my gifts and resources.
So I sent her a Daisy 🌼

Now that I have given my time, gifts and resources to serve my community
They sent me a Laurel 🌸

At “ripe pm” while my investment in a million youths is still blossoming, and I take my time off to visit Home.
You will all send me a Wreath 🌻

Poets Never Die

Oh how sad it is 

To see you leave

Gone with the wind 

You followed the road 

All runners go

Ashes to ashes

Your body return to dust


It’s only sad to say it’s sad

Yes, they bury your body

And yes, people gather to say

‘May your soul rest in peace’

But they did not bury you

For your soul is in your work

Your work is with and within us

Though death do us part

Your words

And life live forever


Poets never die


Long live the Legend

Long live #ToniMorrison 

Love is an Umbrella

β€ͺLove is an umbrella ‬

β€ͺIt covers you‬

β€ͺBoth in the rainy days ‬

β€ͺAnd during sunshine ‬

β€ͺThough umbrella can be red‬

β€ͺLove covering is pure‬

β€ͺAnd though some umbrellas‬

β€ͺCannot withstand storms‬

β€ͺLove is inherently storm-resistant‬

β€ͺSo when knocked down‬

β€ͺNever destroyed‬

But rather, strengthens the foundation

β€ͺCause ‘we are built for this!’‬


Ever felt pains before you went to bed 

Thinking it would be gone overnight 

Only to wake with it in the morning?

I’m talking about the pain

That pain reliever can’t relieve 

Neither can pain-killers kill

The kind of pain that kills pain-killer

It’s really painful

And instead of dying it’s growing

Like pregnancy, it grows bigger every passing minutes

Unlike pregnancy it’s bearing no fruit

Like weeds in a precious garden

Turn on your twitter feeds

Everyone is spreading

The wildfire keeps spreading

Even the first responders are retweeting it

It has eaten so deeply into our lives

That it now becomes a part of our lives

WatchOut for Pain 2

What I See

β€ͺWhat I see‬

β€ͺI see them no more ‬

β€ͺNot that it’s evil‬

β€ͺIt was a dream‬

β€ͺBut I can’t keep sleeping‬

β€ͺI’m now awake chasing them‬

β€ͺOh wait! ‬

β€ͺI will see them later ‬

β€ͺIn a different form‬

β€ͺThat everyone can see ‬

β€ͺEven the blind can feel‬

β€ͺThanks be to Jesus!‬

β€ͺI’m working my dream!‬