Kiss and Isolation

β€ͺI love you without protection‬

β€ͺFor you’re my protection‬

β€ͺ#Socialdistancing works well‬

β€ͺNot for our love‬

β€ͺWe face masked against #covid19 ‬

β€ͺBut our #love is unmasked‬

β€ͺAnd since we have the altar seal‬

β€ͺYou may kiss your groom‬

β€ͺOh, thank you‬

β€ͺFriends and family for your support‬

β€ͺNow we want #isolation‬


I may not be able to change the world

Or everyone in it

But I can change my dressings

And maybe, my address


I will need your voice on bedside

To bring me hope and courage

That even if I lost all

I gain you


And if life is brief as we were told,

Mine will be best

Summarized in you

I need you!