Hello Tomorrow 
I know you will great
Because the Word says so
And I look forward to seeing you.
And though Today seems rough
And my vision looking foggy
And tarrying longer than anticipated
Like the Deluxe version of Winnipeg winter
That I still get to love and enjoy
Yet will I joyfully endure the cross
Despising the shame
Even the shame of daily trying to explain
"God's time is the best"
Even to those who taught me that.

I am not doing that by my strength though
Because "by strength shall no man prevail"
Neither is a mighty man delivered by much strength
I am looking up to Jesus,
The perfect example of rejoicing in trials
Because of His Tomorrow - seating at the right hand of the Father
And I trust him as a joint-heir with him.
Therefore, though I want you, Tomorrow 
To be tomorrow based on our Central Times
Even if you tarry, I will graciously wait
Because I know that like a vision from God
You, Tomorrow is an appointed time
And you will surely come and not tarry.
While I'm waiting to see you 
I am not just seating idle waiting for you
Rather, I am preparing for you
I am partnering with the Holy Spirit,
My Senior Advocate and Helper
To solidify the foundations
On which you will be built
Making sure that it's rock-solid
And able to withstand the rains,
The floods, the storms and the tempest of life
So that when you come, Tomorrow,
You will be proud of what Grace
Has empowered and strengthened us
To build Today.
It's around 8:51PM central times Today 
And it's getting late here
Night is coming when no man can work
So let me go tidy up and refresh
Before Today runs out
See you Tomorrow!