Money Relationship

“And again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”- Matthew‬ ‭19:24‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. Some have wandered away from the faith and have impaled themselves with a lot of pain because they made money their goal.”- 1 Timothy‬ ‭6:10‬ ‭CEB‬‬

Is money evil?

Will Christian life be easier without money?

Should a Christian have money?

Money itself is NOT evil. In fact, money is good and according to King Solomon through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, money is a defence (Ecclesiastes 7v12). Money is one of the blessings of GOD to be received with thanksgiving just like marriage and food (1 Timothy 4v3-4). Money, just like every other gifts of GOD only becomes an issue when we put our trust in it – when we begin to exalt the gift more than the Giver (Proverbs 11v28; Mark 10v24; 1 Timothy 6v17; Psalm 48v6-20).

Therefore, first of all, be contented with whatever you have and glorify GOD for and with it. For godliness with contentment is great wealth (1 Timothy 6v6).

Secondly, Jesus is not sad about His followers and joint-heirs having money, property or wealth as people usually misinterpreted from the conversation between Jesus and the rich young ruler (Matthew 19v15-30). He is only sad when our material possessions become our priority (take the place of GOD) in our lives. Have money, as much as possible under GOD, and use it (wealth) as a tool to serve GOD and further the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

Be the Joseph of Arimathaea (Mark 15v43-47; Matthew 27v57-61) and the Nicodemus (John 19v38-41) of your family, community and generation. By using your wealth, status and influence to better the lives of people & communities around you.

Grace be multiplied unto you!🙏


Dead To The Fear of Death

What is stronger than death if we will all die?

How strong is death if its part of life?

If we will die someday why should we be afraid of death?

Yet, we will not all die because One died for us all

He paid the prize so we will all become change for Him

We are dead to the fear of death

Death died before we were even born

And we resurrected with the power over death

Immortality is brought back to light

So let us let our lights so shine before men

That they see our fearlessness over death

And glorify the One who paid the prize

For death has no power over the risen

Happy Victory Life

Home Conscious, Not Homesick

In my Home, where I will be going
To a couple of Decades from now,

There is no Marriage.

Yet it is only marriage that takes you Home.

No! Actually, it is consummation of marriage that will take me Home.

That’s correct, there are neither bachelors nor divorcees at Home.

Singlehood is an allergy at Home

Dad being extravagantly loving

He surrounds us with naval officers in their ceremonial uniforms

To ensure that we remain married and our wedding gowns are shinely stainless.

We will be dwelling in the City whose streets are made of the purest of gold

Yet some siblings here like poverty

Well, good for them if poverty keep them married.

A period of absolute tranquility

There is neither sickness nor sorry

A place where there is no night

There is no need for a lamp nor sun light

Dad gives light overthere, so there is never power outage

As an heir to the throne, I will be living and reigning with my King to judge the world.

Feeding my King with the fruits of my lips will be my duty.

A musician you will call me
Then, my now cracky voice wil be perfectly auto-tuned

Serenading my King day and day nonstop.

A thousand years will be just for the honeymoon

And then forever we will live happily ever after!

This tale is not fairy.

But if you are a Thomas, please ask Bro John the Beloved!


When I looked outside my window

I saw enemies with their hatred

And weapons to attack my vision

But I am not disturbed by them

Because I am living with I AM

And surrounded by His Shield

Of Love and Chariots of Fire

With the Chariots of Fire,

I am protected by I AM even with

My little faith like the mustard seed.

With His shield of Love,

I am ignited by Grace to blossom

As the light that the enemies need

To come to the Light of Love.

Therefore, the darkness that I thought

Was preventing my external vision

And making me shortsighted,

Was as Love opens my eyes,

The condition for my light

To shine brighter to the point of

Giving vision to others from a far

And pointing others to the

Light of Love that lightens all paths

And lead to life with Light no end.

So when I look at my window now,

I no more see hatred of the enemies

But rather, I see the prepared field

For the massive harvest of Love.

Whenever I am in my house now,

I invest in love through my partnership

With I AM as I am engraced

And as I am coming outside of my house,

I ignite the light of Love to cultivate

The ready-made field and bring home

Lights, who are the profits of the Love to Light.

When I see darkness, I invest in Love and I ignite my Light


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