Some wise people say “the walls have ears”. The wisest man ever lived says “anyone who says bad things about someone or spreads gossip is a fool” (Proverbs 10v18)

12:56PM CST –

Thursday May 19, 2016

I sat down on the bus traveling to work. Then these two young men boarded the bus. They were idle enough to start a random chat. I was busy doing something productive with my time. All of a sudden they began to discuss their encounter with different ladies in the course of the week.

One of them started talking about his experience with “my daughter” ignorant to him that it was my angel he was talking about.

Then I found my cell phone handy and recorded all he was talking about her. After he finishes, guess what I did?


Published by MR CHRISLOVE™

SAVED by #JESUS! B.A (Honours), Economics & Statistics. Entrepreneur. Children Mentor❤️ Brand Ambassador. Duke of Edinburgh's Int'l Bronze Award 2018. UManitoba Emerging Leaders Award 2015💎 Born To Illuminate: one person at a time. LOVE. FAITH. HOPE

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